Let’s look at the history of the camera. The first camera that I can find in history was the Camera Obscurer, used if not invented by Aristottle in the 16th century that is, in the 1500’s.

Who are two of the most famous inventers of this time, and they were born in the mid 1400’s, so Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vincinci were doing their artistic creations when the camera obscurer was invented, they would have been in their creative prime. They were the absolute ‘cutting edge’ of forward thinkers of their day. Why was this? Because they were constantly finding a need for such things that nobody had thought of yet, I.E. the equivelant to our modern day computer geeks.

So, I pose the question. If the camera obscurer had have come across their paths, would they have used it? How better to project drawings onto a high and hard to reach ceiling for example? If a film had been invented, would they have used the camera? I think that they would have, without a doubt!

The modern day Overhead Projector is a natural extension to the camera.


If it helps to make it easier for you to create your artistic works, use the technology of the day. If the technology does not exist, invent it, just as they did. What artistic purist amongst us would dare to call Michaelangelo a cheat? Once you have used the advantages of the day, you still have to render it in a creative artistic manner, using and controlling the particular medium. That will be as hard to do as it ever was. In my humble opinion, you should decide for yourself if you want to use a camera, or whatever else, and go for it!!!

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