It has been my experience that the hardest problem that all artists face is mixing their paints to make the colours that they are wanting. About 80% of my painting time is spent mixing colours. If I could teach that one thing with a magic ‘bullet’ I would patent the idea, and go on a world speaking tour. It does not matter if your medium of choice is Oils, Water colours, Acrylics, Pastels, or whatever else that I have forgotten to mention, the problems and mistakes are all the same.

There are however some very pointed tips that will help you to focus your attention on each of the problems. If you already have the talent, and the desire to put in the hard work, I can shorten the learning curve for you. I will post my detailed answer to each of the headings below.

I invite you to consider the following;

  • Know your colours on your pallet.
  • Three or four mixed together, any more is mud.
  • Hot or cold, and what value do you want?
  • Atmosphere how does that effect my colours?
  • Keep your work space clean.
  • Analyse the colour, what is the closest colours that I have on my pallet?
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